From college to university: Hello MMU!

I chose to attend a college because I liked the idea that I’d actually get to know my professors and be really comfy with asking them for help. That’s not typically something you get at a university. You generally get a huge campus, with thousands of students and you’re just one of a multitude. I’m not that into faceless throngs, thanks. Hence my choosing Mt. Mercy College. And while it wasn’t perfect (nothing is), at least it felt like a community I wanted to be a part of. All the changes going on here are so far removed from what I hoped to get from attending here, I confess myself sorely disappointed. Instead of more parking or better computers/servers – or just a few more decent, NEW printers – we’re getting a new University Center because now we’re officially a university!

Really? We’re going to exacerbate the problems the campus already has by taking away parking, by keeping the same tired old computers/printers/servers – by making what are, to me at least, fairly useless changes? Yeah, we’re getting more space for classrooms and the ACE center and the newspaper and who knows what else. Awesomeness and all that. But look at what else we’re losing. Honestly, I’m greatly displeased with the moves that are being made. And while it’s being trumpeted about and heralded as an amazing step for our historic college, the community involved in it would probably have a more mixed response to that idea. That’s the overall impression I’ve gained from my discussions about the changes. Especially with the students.