Don’t give in; it can only get better from here…right?

I’ll admit I’m not always the most sensitive or informed individual. I can be crude, I can be rude, I can sometimes be pretty tactless. But some lines even I don’t cross. Lines involving privacy and the right to find happiness in just about any form you choose.

Not too long ago, Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi threw himself from the George Washington Bridge in New York. The decision was made after his roommate Dharun Ravi supposedly posted that he was going to live-stream footage of Clementi being intimate with another young man. This would have been the second time Ravi would have done so. Instead of getting a “free show,” Clementi instead cancelled his plans for that night (whatever they really were) and worked towards his suicide.

That’s the story as far as I know it. Of course, I can’t say for sure how much of this is factual and how much is assumed. But I do know this much – if it is true, then this is a disgusting example of the kind of treatment homosexuals receive in this country. And that truly saddens me.

I’ve always been incredibly vocal in my support of homosexuals. Not just because of my interest described in a previous post, but because so many of my friends are in some way connected with homosexuality. Whether they were homosexual, bisexual, or just had friends/family who were, it didn’t matter. The connection was there. I even have a cousin who’s a lesbian. And from all my experiences with them, the only difference between them and me is their sexual preferences. And sometimes it’s not even sexual. They’re just happy with someone of  the same gender.

What’s so wrong about that? Don’t they deserve the chance to pursue happiness? That’s a right laid down in our Constitution isn’t it? So why is it that homosexuals/bisexuals/etc. are treated so…inhumanely? I want to know why they are given second-class citizenship. It might not seem like they are at first glance, but I don’t know how else to describe the ostracization and degradation of this fairly normal group of people who just happen to like the same gender.

So can someone please explain it to me? Because I can’t understand this desire to single out those who are different. To target them for mockery and humiliation…and much, much worse sometimes. Why?What are they doing that’s so wrong that they deserve that? It’s not like they’re smuggling drugs into the country or molesting children or a thousand other things I could think of that are far worse.